Seasonal Bulletin Boards

Fall: Happy Fall Y’All

Materials Needed

  • Light blue paper for the top half to represent the sky
  • Light brown paper for the bottom half to represent the ground
  • Dark brown paper
  • Fall leaf garland (craft stores)
  • Dark brown paper cut into a tree trunk
  • Fall leaves
  • Picture or a cutout of a basket
  • Red paper cut into apples
  • Letters that spell out “Happy Fall Ya’ll!”

Putting it Together

Cove the top part of the board with the blue paper for the sky and the bottom half in the light brown for the ground. Attach the fall garland around the border of the board. Cut a large tree trunk, along with some branches and limbs out of the dark brown paper. You can add bark with a marker. Attach in the center of the board. Add the fall leaves to the tree limbs and branches and some scattered on the ground beneath the tree. Add the basket filled with apples next to the tree. Attach the letters to the board.

Basket Clip Art

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Spring: We BEE-lieve in God

Materials Needed

  • Light blue paper for the background
  • Picture of each child’s face
  • Small bee cutouts, one for each child
  • Fake flowers on the stems
  • Letters that spell out “We BEE-lieve in God”

Putting it Together

Attach the paper for the background and the spell out the words along the top of the board. Attach the flowers to the bottom of the board so it looks like the flowers are growing.  Cut out each child’s face and attach it to the bee body.  Place these on the board and around the flowers.

Beehive Clip Art Bee Clip Art

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Summer: God Shines on Us

Materials Needed

  • Light blue paper for the top half for the sky
  • Light brown paper for the bottom half for sand
  • Sand, white glitter, glue
  • Large sun cutout
  • Shell cutouts
  • Letters that spell out “God Shines on Us”

Putting it Together

Create a beach scene by using the light blue as the sky and the brown for the beach sand. Before attaching the brown paper, brush it with glue and sprinkle with sand and glitter. Allow it to dry before attaching the brown paper. Glue the shells on the on the sand. Attach the sun in place and add the words.

Sun Clip Art Seashell Clip Art

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Winter: Let the Snow Fall on the Earth

Materials Needed

  • Dark blue for the background
  • White batting or white felt for the snowy ground
  • Snowman cutout or use felt or batting to create the snowman
  • Small snowflake cutouts
  • Green paper for pine trees
  • Letters that spell: “Let the Snow Fall on the Earth”

Putting it Together

Start by covering the board with dark blue paper. Cut the batting or felt to use as the ground. Make the snowman and decorate with buttons, and scrap fabric for the scarf and hat. Place the snowman in the center of the board. Cut pine trees using the green paper and attach to the board. Let the children each make a small cutout snowflake and attach them to the top of the board. Add the words to the board.

Snowman Clip Art Snowflake Clip Art