Preschool Bible Devotions

These preschool Bible devotions are great for children!  They can be used as family devotions or in preschool Sunday School class. 





Each devotion includes:

A Bible verse to read relating to a topic such as truth, sympathy, joy, and many others.
A story relating to the Bible verses; in a way preschoolers can relate to
A prayer; short enough for them to repeat and say with you
A "Life Application" section; helping small children understand how to live for God
A memory verse to memorize
Love Other People
Love People, Not Things
No Reason to Be Afraid
No Tears in Heaven
Obedient Like Noah

Obey Right Away

Obey Authorities
Only One Church
Our Sins are Forgotten
Pray for Others
Resting in the Lord
Safety at Sea
Say No to Temptation
Matthew 4
Show Respect
to Everyone

Talk to a Judge
1 Corinthians
The Trouble
with Jealousy

Waiting for an Answer
Wisdom from God
Worship the Lord
You Must Be Ready
Luke 12

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A Faithful God
A Friend Like Jonathan - 1 Samuel
A Kind Brother - Genesis 43
A Party in Heaven
A Path Through the Sea
Being a Servant
Care for Yourself - Mark 5
Cheerful is Better - Numbers 11
Come to the Banquet - Luke 14
Contented Like a Cat
Controlling Your Temper
Courageous Like Gideon
Do What You Promised
Don't Be a Worrier
Don't Hit Back
Don't Look Down - Romans 14
Finish the Job - Nehemiah
Finish the Race - Hebrews 12
Give with Love - Matthew 6
Go and Tell the World - Matthew 28
God is Merciful
God Made Fathers - Hebrews
God Gave Mothers - Proverbs 31
Help for a Hard Job - Exodus
Help for the Poor - Leviticus 25
Honor Your Parents - Isaiah 45
Hope for Heaven - Romans 5
In God's Image - Genesis 2
In the Beginning - Genesis 1
Kind Like Jesus - Matthew 19
Know the Truth - 1 Timothy 2
Live at Peace - Joshua